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I am a one-man


With over 15 years of experience in digital + physical art & design, including products, graphics, apparel, photography, furniture, UX/UI and branding.

What i do

No matter which medium I work in, my process is the same:
research, concept, refine, repeat.

Product Design

Making products user-friendly, ergonomically correct, and beautiful.

Brand Identity

Creating brand universes and all of the elements required to communicate to the world.

Graphic Design

Logos, product artwork, packaging,  publishing.


Everything from antique Kodaks and darkrooms to Micro 4/3 and Photoshop.

Web Design

15 years of experience, from basic html to WordPress.


Drawing, painting, digital.

Always working.
Never tired.

I’ve been designing and fabricating objects since I was a child — while I’ve been a professional designer since 2009, my practical experience goes back 2 decades.

logos designed

patents granted

years of experience

Photographs taken

my Latest Work

A sample of some of my latest creations


Words from previous colleagues, professors, and clients
“I have enjoyed working with Kyle on both a personal and professional level and look forward to watching him grow as a designer. He understands how to uncover and solve design issues in order to fulfill a client’s needs. His communication through design demonstrates an artist’s touch and is proving valuable to both clients and his team members. Kyle is a stand up guy and a terrific designer.” Bennett Counsell

Digital + Brand Manager, Dental Associates

“Kyle is a talented, dedicated and dependable designer. As his professor for two years, I found Kyle to be inquisitive and always searching for innovative solutions for his designs. I warmly recommend Kyle to any employer.” Pascal Malassigné, FIDSA

Professor, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

“Kyle is an extremely intelligent and serious designer who is detail oriented. Kyle has a more soft spoken approach, however when on task he is very confident and well spoken. Kyle has a good grasp of functional minimalism as well as understanding marketing styles and trends. He his comfortable managing large programs and has the tools to do so.” John Caruso, IDSA

Designer / Educator, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

“Kyle, always attentive to details, has an enthusiasm for design like no one i’ve ever met. Kyle gives as well as recieves great feedback and criticism. He’s a self motivated team player that has the ideas, communication and execution skills needed to bring a design team far.” Alexandra Kusick

ISV Creative Lead, Barrows

Let’s work together
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